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GINI iConec


. iPod Docking Station with charger

. Full function remote control, best in market

. S-Video output

. Left and Right RCA outputs

. Apple's iPod connector for USB connection

. 12V DC port for iPod recharge

. 12V AC/DC transformer

. 5 iPod adapters


"...really like the puffy-buttoned remote control" -- James Kim, CNet, Aug 2006


The Best iPod Docking Station in the market!


iConec is easily the industry’s best full functioned iPod docking station with remote control. Besides the usual volume control, backward and forward, unlike all the rest of them, the remote control includes functions such as mute, backlight, repeat, shuffle, playlist and album up/down, pause, etc. iConec also has a built-in charger that allows direct recharging your iPod without needing to connect to a PC. It has on-board volume control too! iConec comes with the easy snap-on adapters support the latest iPod models.


The Left and Right RCA audio and S-video output terminals provides flexibility for connecting to a wide range of audio and video equipemnt without compromising audio and picture quality.


iConec, along with your iPod provide a perfect match for the GINI iTube Vacuum Tube Based 2.1 Audio System. The system instantly convert digital tunes into music with “tube” warmth that audiophile has come to know and enjoy!


Feature List


o S-Video out o L/R RCA audio outputs

o Apple’s iPod dock connector interface (to PC USB port)

o Built-in charger

o On board iPod volume control

o Full function remote control

    * pause, play, rew, fwd, repeat, mute
    * volume, skip, repeat, shuffle
    * backlight, and more… 

o 5 iPod adapters

    * Adapter #2 - iPod Nano (adapter comes with nano)
    * Adapter #3 - iPod mini 4GB-6GB
    * Adapter #4 - iPod 20GB or 20GB U2 SE
    * Adapter #5 - iPod 40GB
    * Adapter #6 - iPod color 20GB-30GB or 20GB-30GB SE
    * Adapter #7 - iPod color 40GB-60GB


Package Content


o Docking station

o Remote control

o AC power adapter (12V DC output)

o iPod adapters


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