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GINI iTube

. Complete 2.1 audio system

. Vacuum tube driver stage

. Solid-state output stage

. Remote control

. iPod look and feel

. Works with iPod and CD


"...sounds great" -- James Kim, CNet


It's much more than just another iPod speaker system!


Why does GINI iTube sound better?



What GINI iTube is and is not...


GINI iTube is exclusively manufactured for GINI Systems based on a set of stringent quality and performance requirements.


GINI iTube is marketed exclusively by GINI Systems, Inc.


GINI iTube is NOT "i-steroid", which is not marketed by nor has any association with GINI Systems, Inc.


GINI iTube is far superior in every way than "i-steroid"; think of it as i-steroid on "steroid" and then some! It has bigger and better drivers and higher powered amplifier which gives rise to better soundstage, smoother full range from top to bottom, and much more musical. The feature rich complimentary iConec docking station with remote control has S-Video output too.

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